The Complete Anthology of Lute Music From Musick's Monument

by Thomas Mace; transcribed & edited by Andrew Shepard-Smith
sku: 02-99995
The first complete anthology of lute music contained within Thomas Mace's historic treatise Musick's Monument (1676), transcribed and edited for classical guitar by Andrew Shepard-Smith. An intriguing collection of early English Baroque lute music containing twelve preludes, eight complete lute suites, transcription notes, and a detailed table of ornaments (as outlined in Musick's Monument). Originally written as a pedagogical text, Mace's lute music contains wonderful insights into the performance practice of the time. A valuable addition to both the performance repertoire and guitar reference literature. Moderate to advanced. Notation only. 63 pp.   More Details...

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  • Foreword
  • Table of Ornaments
  • The First and Second Sets of Præludes:
  • The First Set of Præludes
  • The Second Set of Præludes
  • The Eight Lute Suites:
  • Suite No. 1
  • Suite No. 2
  • Suite No. 3
  • Suite No. 4
  • Suite No. 5
  • Suite No. 6
  • Suite No. 7
  • Suite No. 8
  • A Common Toy: Nightengal
  • A Fancy Prælude or Voluntary
  • Appendix:
  • Biography
  • Musick’s Monument
  • About the Author