The Complete 5-String Banjo Method: Mastering Banjo

by Ned Luberecki
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Book with online audio & video. Gives you all the tools to master the banjo. Learn advanced approaches to major and minor scales, continue with more rolls, and tackle new approaches to single-string and melodic style playing. You'll learn to improvise over classic tunes like "Nine Pound Hammer" and "Kitchen Girl," with pentatonic and blues scales. Any banjo player, no matter how advanced, will improve their playing. Use the companion video - featuring author Ned Luberecki's friendly, encouraging style - to make learning easy and fun. Tablature only. 64 pp.   More Details...


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Chapter 1: Music Review

Lesson 1: How to Read Tablature
Lesson 2: Time
Lesson 3: Banjo Fretboard

Chapter 2: Music Theory

Lesson 1: Intervals
Lesson 2: The Circle of 5ths

Chapter 3: Chord Construction

Lesson 1: Major, Minor, Augmented, and Diminished Triads
Lesson 2: Diatonic Triads
Lesson 3: Diatonic 7th Chords
Lesson 4: More Chords
Lesson 5: Putting the Chords to Use
Red River Valley

Chapter 4: Major Scales in Closed Positions

Lesson 1: Closed-Position Major Scales
Lesson 2: Closed-Position Major-Scale Exercises
Lesson 3: Closed-Position Fiddle Tunes
Blackberry Blossom
Arkansas Traveler

Chapter 5: Minor Scales in Closed Positions

Lesson 1: Three Minor Scales
Lesson 2: Minor-Scale Exercises
Lesson 3: Minor-Scale Tunes
Pretty Little Dog

Chapter 6: Melodic Scale Patterns

Lesson 1: Melodic-Style Major-Scale Exercises
Lesson 2: Melodic-Style Minor-Scale Exercises
Lesson 3: Combining Melodic Style and Single-String Style

Chapter 7: Using Single-String Scales to Work Out Melodic-Style Tunes

Lesson 1: Deconstructing Blackberry Blossom
Blackberry Blossom (Part A)
Blackberry Blossom (Part B)

Chapter 8: Combining Rolls with Melodic and Single-String Style

Lesson 1: Deconstructing Brilliancy
Lesson 2: Deconstructing Forked Deer

Chapter 9: Pentatonic and Blues Scales

Lesson 1: The Major Pentatonic Scale
Lesson 2: The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Lesson 3: The Blues Scale
Lesson 4: Using Blues Scales
Lesson 5: Blues Licks over 1, 4, and 5 Chords
Lesson 6: Melodic-Style Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Katy Hill
Nine Pound Hammer
Lesson 7: Modal Tunes
Kitchen Girl
June Apple

Chapter 10: Strategies for Playing in Keys Other Than G, C, and D

Lesson 1: The Key of F
Banks of the Ohio
Lesson 2: The Key of E
Wreck of the Old 97
Lesson 3: The Key of B-flat
New River Train
Done Gone

Banjo Mutes
Banjo Amplification
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