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The Complete 5-String Banjo Method: Intermediate Banjo

by Ned Luberecki

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Book with online audio & video. Great for banjo players who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. Covers crucial topics like basic improvisation, moveable chords, playing up the neck, double stops, playing backup and vamping, and playing licks and fills. Also includes a comprehensive breakdown of single-string and melodic style. Ned's friendly, encouraging style makes learning easy and fun. Featuring practice tips and other important topics for the aspiring banjo player. Tablature only. 64 pp.

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Chapter 1: Music Review

Lesson 1: How to Read Tablature
Lesson 2: Time
Lesson 3: Banjo Fretboard

Chapter 2: Connecting the Licks

Lesson 1: Introduction to Improvising
Lesson 2: Rolling Through the Changes
Lesson 3: The Rolling Lick in G
Lesson 4: Variations for C and D
Generic Bluegrass Song (No 1)
Lesson 5: Lead-Ins and Tag Licks
Generic Bluegrass Song (No 2)
Lesson 6: Nine Pound Hammer
Nine Pound Hammer

Chapter 3: Up the Neck

Lesson 1: The Sally Goodin Position
Cumberland Gap
Lesson 2: The 10th-Fret Choke
Lesson 3: Up-the-Neck C and D Licks
Lesson 4: Lonesome Road Blues
Lonesome Road Blues
Lesson 5: More Up-the-Neck Variations
Good Ol' Mountain Dew
Lesson 6: Sally Goodin
Sally Goodin Part A (Melody Only)
Sally Goodin Part B (Melody Only)
Sally Goodin

Chapter 4: Moveable Chord and Double-Stop Positions

Lesson 1: Finding the Chord Positions
Lesson 2: Finding the 1, 4, and 5 Chord Groupings
Lesson 3: Double-Stop Positions
Lesson 4: Using Double Stops over a Chord Progression
Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Lesson 5: Double-Stop Licks
Lesson 6: Double Stops for Other Chords
Lesson 7: Using Double Stops in Songs
Little Maggie (Down-the-Neck Solo)
Little Maggie (Up-the-Neck Solo)
The Bells of St Mary's (Down-the-Neck Solo)
The Bells of St Mary's (Up-the-Neck Solo)

Chapter 5: Backup

Lesson 1: Advanced Vamping
Lesson 2: Playing Fills
Lesson 3: 6th and 7th Chord Fills
Red River Valley
Nine Pound Hammer
Lesson 4: Position-Shifting Fills
Lesson 5: More Up-the-Neck Backup Licks
Lesson 6: Putting the Backup Licks Together
Lesson 7: Rolling-Style Backup
Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Rolling Backup)

Chapter 6: Intro to Single-String Style

Lesson 1: Thumb and Index
Lesson 2: Left-Hand Coordination
Single County Breakdown
Lesson 3: Moveable Single-String Licks
Follow Me to Reno

Chapter 7: Melodic Style

Lesson 1: Melodic Style Scales in G, C, and D
Lesson 2: Melodic-Style Tunes in G
Turkey in the Straw
Blackberry Blossom
Lesson 3: Melodic-Style Tunes in D
Whiskey Before Breakfast (No 1)
Lesson 4: Melodic-Style Tunes in C
Whiskey Before Breakfast (No 2)
Billy in the Low Ground
Lesson 5: Incorporating Melodic Style into Your Playing
Generic Bluegrass Song with Melodic Licks
Lesson 6: Combining Styles
Cherokee Shuffle
Cherokee Shuffle (Up-the-Neck Version)

Home Sweet Home
The Nashville Number System
Additional Resources