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The Complete 5-String Banjo Method: Beginning Banjo

by Ned Luberecki

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Book/DVD pack with MP3 audio tracks and online audio and video. Teaches everything you need to get started in three-finger Bluegrass-style banjo: holding the banjo, chords, strumming, rolls, basic music theory, reading tablature, slides, hammer-ons, intros and endings, playing in different keys, more, plus introductions to melodic style and clawhammer, and a section on banjo care and maintenance. Features folk, bluegrass, and other classic songs, plus practice tips and other essential topics for beginners. On the video, author Ned Luberecki's friendly, encouraging style makes learning easy and fun. Tablature only. 95 pp.

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Chapter 1: Getting Started---You and Your Banjo

Lesson 1: Parts of the Banjo
Lesson 2: Tuning
Lesson 3: Holding the Banjo
Lesson 4: The Picking Hand
Lesson 5: The Fretting Hand
Lesson 6: How to Read Tablature
Lesson 7: Time
Lesson 8: Pitch and the Notes on the Fretboard
Lesson 9: Your First Tunes
Yankee Doodle
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Ode to Joy
Lesson 10: Fill-In Notes
Skip to My Lou
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (No 1)
Grandfather's Clock

Chapter 2: Chords

Lesson 1: Your First Chords
Lesson 2: Two-Chord Songs
Tom Dooley
Handsome Molly
Lesson 3: The C Chord
Lesson 4: Three-Chord Songs
Good Ol' Mountain Dew (No 1)
Worried Man Blues

Chapter 3: Rolls

Lesson 1: Basic Rolls
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (No 2)
Boil Them Cabbage Down (No 1)
Worried Man Blues (No 1)
Lesson 2: Combining Rolls
Worried Man Blues (No 2)
Lesson 3: Combining Rolls and Fill-Ins
Camptown Races
Red River Valley

Chapter 4: Licks and Left-Hand Techniques

Lesson 1: Slides
Boil Them Cabbage Down (No 2)
Lesson 2: Hammer-Ons
Cumberland Gap
Lesson 3: Pull-Offs
Pull-Off Towne
Lesson 4: Combining Slides, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs
Lesson 5: Combining Licks to Play Songs
Cripple Creek
Lesson 6: More Licks
Train 45
Good Ol' Mountain Dew (No 2)
Banks of the Ohio
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
Lesson 7: Intros and Endings
Lonesome Road Blues (No 1)
Long Journey Home

Chapter 5: More Chords

Lesson 1: Closed-Position Chords
Lesson 2: Chords and the Major Scale
Lesson 3: Chord Inversions
Lesson 4: Chord Progressions
Lesson 5: Chord Vamping
Boil Them Cabbage Down (No 3)
Lesson 6: Minor Chords
Shady Grove (Arrangement)
Shady Grove (Chord Changes)
Lesson 7: 7th Chords
Lonesome Road Blues (No 2)
Vamping Lonesome Road Blues

Chapter 6: Playing in Different Keys

Lesson 1: What Key Is This and Why Change Now?
Lesson 2: The Capo
Lesson 3: Playing in the Key of C
Red River Valley in G
Red River Valley in C (No 1)
Red River Valley in C (No 2)
Red River Valley in C (Arrangement)
Lesson 4: Drop C Tuning
Soldier's Joy
Lesson 5: Playing in the Key of D
Angeline the Baker
Red River Valley (Key of D)
Lesson 6: D Tuning
Home Sweet Home

Chapter 7: Melodic Style

Lesson 1: Introducing Melodic Style
Lesson 2: Songs in Melodic Style
Devil's Dream
Cripple Creek (Melodic Style)
The Eighth of January
Red-Haired Boy

Chapter 8: Playing in 3/4 Time

Lesson 1: Introducing 3/4, or Waltz Time
Lesson 2: 3/4 Rolls
All the Good Times Are Past and Gone
Amazing Grace
Good Night Irene

Chapter 9: Clawhammer and Old-Time Style

Lesson 1: Introducing Clawhammer
Lesson 2: The Bum-Ditty
Lesson 3: The Bum-Ditty with Chords
Boil Them Cabbage Down (Bum-Ditty)
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Bum-Ditty)
Lesson 4: Clawhammer Licks and Left-Hand Techniques
Lesson 5: Clawhammer Tunes
Cripple Creek (Clawhammer Version)
Cumberland Gap (Clawhammer Version)

Chapter 10: Banjo Care and Maintenance

Lesson 1: More About Banjos
Lesson 2: Adjusting Your Banjo
Lesson 3: Changing Strings
Lesson 4: Keeping Your Banjo Clean
Lesson 5: Banjo Straps

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