The Best of Mauro Giuliani - 20 Pieces for Guitar

edited by Frederic Zigante; with the kind collaboration of Antonio Rugolo
sku: 49-565823
One of the most important guitarist-composers of the early nineteenth century, Giuliani composed some 230 works. Based on the texts of the first published editions, the pieces in this collection have been revised only with the addition of fingering, according to Giuliani's own guitar method and exercises. Notation only. 133 pp.   More Details...
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  • Sonate, opus 15
  • Grande Ouverture, opus 61
  • Sonatina No. 3, opus 71
  • Gran sonata eroica, opus 150


  • Six Variations sur les Folies d'Espagne, opus 45
  • Variazioni sulla romanza dall'opera "Ruhm und Liebe," opus 105
  • Variations sur un theme de G.F. Haendel, opus 107
  • Sei grandi variazioni, opus 112
  • Gran variazioni sopra l'aria favorita "Oh! cara memoria" del signor Carafa, opus 114

Character Pieces

  • Niaserie d'enfant varie, opus 41
  • Fughetta, opus 113
  • Le Rossiniane, 1a parte, opus 119
  • Le Giulianate (contenenti varie idee sentimentali), opus 148
      1. La risoluzione
      2. Lo scherzo
      3. L'amoroso
      4. Il giocoso
      5. L'armonia
      6. Il sentimentale
      7. La melanconia
      8. L'allegria