Straight-Ahead Jazz for Banjo

by Pat Cloud
sku: 02-99480M
Book with online audio. The world of melodic jazz banjo soloing is revealed in this comprehensive method which leads from basics to advanced theoretical concepts and finally to a firm foundation in jazz fundamentals. Starting with basic intervals, this shows the structure of all basic chord types and qualities and matches these to the scales that generate them. The book's basic concept model is to treat the five-string banjo's potential in an inclusive technical context so you can make use of open and fifth strings to create a smooth legato style. 90+ exercises are recorded with a metronome and progress to 16 additional examples of original jazz phrases in a variety of keys. Topics include functional major and minor key harmony, diminished and augmented scales and how they are used, and the integration of altered scale substitutes in the art of jazz improvisation. Intermediate. Note/tab. 106 pp.   More Details...

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Intervals
  • Intervals to Triads
  • Suggested Daily Practice Routine
  • Ten Day Practice Plan
  • Interval Studies
  • The Cycle
  • Root Cycle Study
  • Major Chord Cycle Study
  • Major Triad Cycle Study
  • Closed Position Major Scales
  • Major Scale Cycle Studies
  • Major Scale Arpa Studies
  • Scale Fragment Cycle Exercises
  • Major Key Harmony
  • Diatonic Triad Exercises
  • Diatonic Seventh Chords
  • Diatonic Mode Exercise
  • Scale Modes
  • Saturation Practice
  • Extended Harmony
  • Minor Key Harmony
  • Minor Scale Modes
  • The Melodic Minor Scales
  • Auxiliary Scales
  • Diminished Scale Exercises
  • The Whole-Tone Scale
  • Whole-Tone Scale Exercises
  • Diatonic Order to Natural Order
  • Natural Order Triplet Exercise
  • Natural Order Scale Exercise
  • Dominant Progression
  • Functional Harmony
  • Diatonic Chord Substitution
  • The IIm7-V7-IMaj. Progression
  • Movable Chord Forms
  • IIm7 Mode Practice
  • IIm7-V7-IMaj.7 Studies
  • Non-Scale Tones
  • Altered V7 Chord Resolutions
  • II-V-I Practice in Two Cycles
  • Jazz Phrases
  • Jazz Blues Study in G
  • Major Scale Fingerings
  • About the Author