Sam Bush


sku: SUGA-CD00011
2016 - The mandolin mastermind continues to blaze a musical trail, with skillful fusion of bluegrass and folk, jazz, reggae, blues, and country swing. Backed by Chris Brown on drums, Scott Vestal on banjo, Todd Parks on bass/vocals, Stephen Mougin on guitar/vocals. Features guest vocals by Alison Krauss on "Lefty's Song," harmony vocals by Emmylou Harris on "Handmics Killed Country Music," plus many others. "Bowling Green," "Everything Is Possible," 11 in all.   More Details...
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  1. Transcendental Meditation Blues
  2. Play By Your Own Rules
  3. Everything is Possible (w/ Deborah Holland)
  4. Greenbrier
  5. Lefty's Song (w/ Alison Krauss)
  6. Carcinoma Blues
  7. Bowling Green
  8. Handmics Killed Country Music (w/ Emmylou Harris)
  9. Where's My Love
  10. It's Not What You Think
  11. I Just Wanna Feel Something