Stelling Masters Cross with Old Wood Rim & Case

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This exquisite Stelling Masters Cross banjo features a figured Claro walnut neck and resonator, and the resonator has a nice maple cross inlaid on the back. It equipped with a Stelling patented flathead wedge-fit tone ring, Tony Pass Lost Timbre 600TS Old Wood rim, one piece flange, and Stelling patented pivot-pin adjustable tailpiece. The ebony fretboard and peghead are adorned with fancy inlays. A remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

More Details

  • Figured Claro walnut neck and resonator
  • Nickel plated hardware
  • Stelling patented flathead wedge-fit tone ring
  • Tony Pass Lost Timbre 600TS Old Wood rim
  • One piece flange
  • Stelling bridge and patented pivot-pin adjustable tailpiece
  • Ebony fretboard with fancy pearl inlays
  • Christian cross at top of peghead
  • Maple cross (4 legs of equal length) inlaid on back of resonator
  • Railroad spikes installed at frets 7, 8, 9, and 10
  • Stelling archtop hardshell case