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Spirituals & Shout Songs From the Georgia Coast

The McIntosh County Shouters


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Faithful holders of the African-American ring shout of the Gullah people of coastal Georgia share their dedication to the tradition with 17 tracks including "Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit," "Walk Through the Valley in the Field," This May Be Our Last Time," more.

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  1. Jubilee
  2. Believer, I Know
  3. I Come to Tell You
  4. Walk with Me
  5. Drive Ol' Joe
  6. Went to the Burial / Sinner Weep So
  7. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
  8. Move, Daniel
  9. I Won't Turn Back
  10. Oh, My Loving Mother
  11. Army Cross Over
  12. Walk Through the Valley in the Field
  13. Daniel Saw That Little Stone
  14. In the Field We Must Die
  15. Oh, Lord, I Want You to Help Me
  16. I Wade the Water to My Knees
  17. This May Be Our Last Time