Sound Innovations for Elementary Class Guitar - Teacher Edition

by Jason Yeary and Aaron Stang
sku: 20-44086

Book with online audio, video & PDFs. This Teacher Edition specifically addresses the learning styles of children. The bulk of instruction is in this Teacher Edition - the content in the matching student book is streamlined and relies on instruction from the teacher. Beginning with rote learning, imitation, and echoing, students perform familiar melodies, strum chords, perform duets and trios, sing, and accompany singers. The curriculum takes them through reading music notation, guitar tablature, and guitar chord diagrams. While traditional chords are taught, they'll also explore the neck of the guitar with simple "moveable" chord shapes. The method is organized into four levels, each with nine parts for a total of 36 lessons. Online resources include streaming video that corresponds to each lesson, downloadable MP3s that demonstrate every example and song in the book, and reproducible PDFs for student assessment. Follows state and national music education standards. Note/tab. 128 pp.

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  • Lesson 1: Plucking and Using a Pick
  • Lesson 2: Strumming
  • Lesson 3: Fretting Single-String Melodies
  • Lesson 4: Playing with Dynamics, Our First Song
  • Lesson 5: Playing Songs from Tablature
  • Lesson 6: Playing Songs from Tablature on Multiple Strings
  • Lesson 7: Playing Chords
  • Lesson 8: More Chord-Playing Using the E Shape
  • Lesson 9: Review and Assessment


  • Lesson 1: Playing Riffs on the Low Strings
  • Lesson 2: Playing with the Correct Left-Hand Fingers
  • Lesson 3: First Composition
  • Lesson 4: Reading Traditional Notation (High E String)
  • Lesson 5: Reading Notes on the B String
  • Lesson 6: The A Minor Chord
  • Lesson 7: Combining A Minor and E Chords
  • Lesson 8: The E Minor Chord
  • Lesson 9: Review and Assessment


  • Lesson 1: Sing and Play Short Chords
  • Lesson 2: Sing and Play G, C, and D7 Chords
  • Lesson 3: Reading Traditional Notation (G String)
  • Lesson 4: Reading Traditional Notation (D String)
  • Lesson 5: G Major Key Signature
  • Lesson 6: The G Chord
  • Lesson 7: Fast 3 Strumming Pattern
  • Lesson 8: More Moving the E Chord
  • Lesson 9: Review and Assessment


  • Lesson 1: The C Major Chord
  • Lesson 2: Changing Between C and G Chords
  • Lesson 3: Reading on the A String
  • Lesson 4: Reading on the Low E String
  • Lesson 5: The Key of E Minor and the B7 Chord
  • Lesson 6: The D Major and A7 Chords
  • Lesson 7: "Corrina, Corrina" and "Minuet in G"
  • Lesson 8: The A Boogie Blues Progression and Final Composition
  • Lesson 9: Review and Assessment


  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Reading Music and TAB Notation
  • Technique
  • Chord Diagrams