Bill Evans & Fletcher Bright

Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us

sku: NATIVE-CD90611
2016 - with special guests Norman and Nancy Blake! 84-year-old fiddler Bright and banjo ace Evans in their follow-up to 2013's "Fine Times at Fletcher's House" project, this time with Norman and Nancy on 10 of the 16 tracks. Recorded at Bright's house atop Lookout Mtn., TN - some old-time chestnuts plus tunes from Blake, Evans, Bil Monroe, Sam Bush and Peter Ostroushko.   More Details...


  1. Glory in the Meetinghouse
  2. Blake's March
  3. Berkeley Shanghai
  4. Elzic's Farewell
  5. Sugar Tree Stomp
  6. Norman and Nancy
  7. Hannah in the Springhouse
  8. Snowbird in the Ashbank
  9. Kennedy Rag
  10. Bb Hornpipe Medley
  11. Old Ebenezer Scrooge
  12. Cluck Old Hen
  13. Heart of the Heartland
  14. Brilliancy
  15. American Rifle Team Hornpipe
  16. Whiskey Before Breakfast