Slow Blues Harmonica - Lessons, Licks & Backing Tracks

by Steve Cohen
sku: 49-289620
This book is perfect for intermediate to advanced players who want to employ a more versatile approach to slow blues playing. Four different keys and crosses, plus liberal use of all three registers of the instrument, will prove just how versatile a 10-hole C diatonic harp can be. Each of the 16 solos, written and recorded by renowned blues-harpist Steve Cohen, is chock full of great licks and techniques for you to learn and incorporate into your playing: scale licks, octave licks, overblow licks, incremental bend licks, high-note blow bend licks, warble licks. The variety of slow blues changes and feels include: 12-bar and 8-bar progressions, stop-time, country blues, jazzy blues, minor blues, major blues, shuffles, straight time and more. This book contains detailed harmonica transcriptions written in standard notation and harmonica tab; a summary list of the key, position, and song format; and a brief lesson about the chord progression and highlighted playing techniques. Each solo has two audio tracks: a demo with Steve Cohen and a full professional band, and a play-along backing track.   More Details...

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  • Introduction
  • #1 Basics
  • #2 B.B
  • #3 Key
  • #4 Poor Man
  • #5 Biz
  • #6 Mud
  • #7 Hooch
  • #8 Feeling
  • #9 Magic
  • #10 Burying
  • #11 Help
  • #12 Thrill
  • #13 Had Fun
  • #14 Way I Feel
  • #15 Parker's
  • #16 Driving Wheel
  • C Harp Note Recap
  • Harmonica Notation Legend