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Sitting In: Blues Guitar, Backing Tracks and Improv Lessons

by Jared Meeker

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CLEARANCE PRICED! Book/DVD-ROM set. Brings the band to you anytime so you can practice comping patterns and soloing with the same energy as playing live. Lots of tips and techniques. The DVD-ROM features high-quality studio play-along tracks performed by a live band. TNT 2 software is a perfect practice tool that lets you slow down tracks, isolate and loop parts, and change tempos and keys. Note/tab. 80 pp.

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  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Book
  • Working with the Play-Along Tracks
  • Introduction to Blues Harmony


  • Woldenberg Park Blues (Funk Blues in A)
  • Mississippi Greenbelt (Southern Slow Blues in B-flat)
  • Lafayette Square Blues (Funk Blues in B)
  • Regent's Park Blues (Rock Blues in C)
  • Golden Gate Blues (Rock Blues in C-sharp)
  • Dinosaur Valley (Texas Blues in D)
  • Rio Grande Blues (Texas Blues in E-flat)
  • Mustang Island (Texas Blues in E)
  • Oak Mountain Blues (Funk Blues in F)
  • Millennium Blues (Chicago Blues in F-sharp)
  • Great River Road (Southern Blues in G)
  • Marquette Park Blues (Chicago Jazz Blues in A-flat)
  • Pedernales Falls (Texas Blues in A Minor)
  • Clarkco Park Blues (Southern Blues in G Minor)
  • Buckingham Fountain (Chicago Blues in E Minor)
  • Appendix: Music Theory and Scales

Songs by Category:


  • Woldenberg Park Blues (70 BPM)
  • Lafayette Square Blues (80 BPM)
  • Oak Mountain Blues (135 BPM)


  • Mississippi Greenbelt (60 BPM)
  • Great River Road (150 BPM)
  • Clarkco Park Blues (100 BPM)


  • Regent's Park Blues (97 BPM)
  • Golden Gate Blues (105 BPM)


  • Dinosaur Valley (105 BPM)
  • Rio Grande Blues (120 BPM)
  • Mustang Island (120 BPM Swing)
  • Pedernales Falls (180 BPM)


  • Millennium Blues (135 BPM Swing)
  • Marquette Park Blues (150 BPM Swing)
  • Buckingham Fountain (200 BPM Swing)