Scratching the Surface - Old Time Tunes From West Virginia & Kentucky

edited by Tom MacKenzie
sku: 773-2
Book/CD pack. 28 fiddle tunes arranged for clawhammer banjo. This is only a small sampling of tunes from the West Virginia/Kentucky area. Most of the arrangements are close to note-for-note from the fiddle version, with some interesting syncopation. "Roses in the Morning," "Five Miles from Town," "Brushy Run," "Shelvin Rock," "Devil Eat the Groundhog," "Goodbye Girls I'm Gone to Boston," more. CD contains all of the tunes played at a moderate tempo. Tablature only. 29 pp.   More Details...


  • Roses in the Morning (Clyde Davenport)
  • Ask that Pretty Girl to be My Wife (Clyde Davenport)
  • Five Miles from Town (Clyde Davenport)
  • Old Drake (Burl Hammons)
  • Lost Hornpipe (Charlie Kinney)
  • Martha Campbell (Doc Roberts)
  • Brushy Run (Ed Haley)
  • Half Past Four (Ed Haley)
  • Boatman (Ed Haley)
  • Pretty Little Shoes (Ward Jarvis)
  • Ways of the World (William Stepp)
  • Greasy Coat (Hammons Family)
  • Old Aunt Jenny with her Nightcap On (Estill Bingham)
  • Dandy Lusk (Ferdinand Lusk)
  • Shelvin Rock (French Carpenter)
  • Squirrel Hunters (Chirps Smith)
  • Elzic’s Farewell (Harvey Elswick)
  • Calico (Jim Bowles)
  • Ida Red (Jim Bowles)
  • Indian Ate the Woodchuck (John Salyer)
  • Duck River (John Salyer)
  • Cumberland Gap (Leonard Rutherford)
  • Cuberland Gap - Old G (Leonard Rutherford)
  • The Old Folds Played & the Young Folks Danced (Manon Campbell
  • Devil Eat the Groundhog (Snake Chapman)
  • Brushy Fork of Johns Creek (Art Stamper)
  • Goodbye Girls I’m Gone to Boston (Art Stamper)