School of Bluegrass Mandolin

by Joe Carr
sku: 02-21925M
Book/Online audio set. Introduces all the essential techniques needed for successful bluegrass mandolin playing. The rhythm section covers all the important chords and details the rhythm "chop." The lead section covers turnarounds, position playing, "Monroe-style," harmonized sixths and important soloing scales. Tips for developing solos are included. Packed with useful reference material. Beginning/intermediate. Note/tab. 32 pp.   More Details...
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  • Introduction
  • Bluegrass Rhythm and Chords
  • Chord Triangle #1 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  • Chord Triangle #2
  • The Six Minor Chord
  • The Two Minor Chord
  • The Flat Seven Chord
  • Long Journey Home – Melody
  • Long Journey Home – Eighths
  • Long Journey Home – Dressed Up
  • Feast Here Tonight
  • Salt Creek
  • Soldier's Joy
  • Dominant Seventh Chords
  • A New Major Form
  • Harmonized Sixths Scale
  • Turnarounds
  • Lead and Fills Using Sixths
  • Major Scale Notes
  • Position Playing and Fill Licks
  • Closed Position Solo
  • Closed Position Solo in B
  • Pentatonic Scales – G
  • Pentatonic Scales – A
  • Pentatonic Scales – D
  • Pentatonic Scales – C
  • Movable Pentatonic Scales – B
  • Movable Pentatonic Scales – E
  • About the Author