Royal Classics RC10 Professional Classical Guitar Strings, High Tension, Full Set

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sku: RRC10
Clear nylon trebles, silverplated basses. All RC string sets are treated against oxidation, have a strong, well-balanced tone that continues to sound "alive" longer than most strings, and are known for holding their tune faster. Approximate gauges, bass to treble: 044 035 033 041 033 030. Made in Spain.   More Details...

Note Gauge (in.) Gauge (mm) Material
E 0.030 0.76 clear nylon
B 0.033 0.85 clear nylon
G 0.041 1.04 clear nylon
D 0.033 0.84 silverplated wound
A 0.035 0.89 silverplated wound
E 0.044 1.12 silverplated wound