The Carolina Jug Stompers

Rooster On a Limb

sku: OLD97-CD005
2005 -- A feast of rags, blues and breakdowns in the old-time jug / stringband style! Ron Cole, Randy Johnson, Luke Faust and WB Reid hold forth with "Podunk Toddle," "Please Baby," "K.C. Moan," "Money Never Runs Out," "Gin Done Done It," "Cotton Picker's Rag" and lots more high-energy good-timery.   More Details...


  1. Money Never Runs Out
  2. Maybelle Rag
  3. Going to Germany
  4. Bum Bum Blues
  5. New Orleans Wiggle / Somebody Stole My Gal
  6. Gin Done Done It
  7. Under the Chicken Tree
  8. Lonely One in This Town
  9. Cotton Picker's Rag
  10. Central Georgia Blues
  11. Rooster on a Limb
  12. Please Baby
  13. Podunk Toddle
  14. K.C. Moan
  15. Georgia Pines
  16. Busted
  17. Carolina Shout / House Rent Rag