Rainsong Vintage SFT OM Guitar & Case With LR Baggs Anthem Pickup

sku: V-OM1000-NSX
Get the best of two worlds. The V-OM1000NSX combines the traditional aesthetic of wood with the rugged resiliency of carbon fiber. SFT stands for Soundboard Fusion Technology. A thin spruce soundboard and unidirectional carbon fiber are fused in a single molding step. The resulting SFT soundboard resonates as a single unit, like a solid wood soundboard does. Thanks to the carbon fiber, the guitar sounds great and maintains the resistance to humidity and temperature swings that RainSong is famous for.   More Details...

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  • OM size with soft cutaway
  • SFT top (spruce fused to carbon fiber)
  • Carbon fiber body and neck 
  • Fully stable through changing environmental conditions
  • L.R. Bagga Anthem Electronics
  • Hardshell Case