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Progressive Pieces for Clawhammer Banjo

by Joseph Weidlich

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34 songs transcribed and arranged from Frank Converse's "Analytical Banjo Method" (1887). After the Civil War, the up picking style of playing the 5-string banjo came into vogue. The original down picking style didn't entirely die out, because new methods often included a number of songs in the older two-finger style. The most intricate set of songs to appear in the "original" banjo style were these 34 "Progressive Pieces," which can perhaps be considered the pinnacle of "Banjo Style" in terms of the fluid and intricate technique required to play them. A nice mix of characteristic pieces, medleys and new compositions from Converse. The introduction covers various unique techniques and an appendix gives you performance notes for every tune. Tablature only. 62 pp.

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  • Alabama Walk Around
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Anthony Street Reel
  • Boatman's Dance
  • The Boxer's Reel (G Minor)
  • Brannigan's Reel
  • Camptown Race Track
  • Cane Brake Reel
  • Carolina Reel
  • Choctaw Reel
  • Dark Horse Reel (C Minor)
  • Foster's Jig
  • Frisky Reel
  • Far South Reel Medley (C Minor)
  • Grey Eagle Reel
  • Hampton Medley (Open G Tuning)
  • Irish Jig
  • Jordan
  • Jumbo Reel
  • Lynchburg Reel
  • Leavitt's Reel
  • The Modoc Reel
  • Mississippi Walk Around
  • My Love Is But A Lassie
  • Narragansett Jig
  • Old “Tuckpaw” Jig (C Minor)
  • Old Virginny Dance
  • Old Plantation Reel
  • Philadelphia Jig
  • Rattlesnake Jig
  • The Skidmore Guards (Quick Step)
  • Short Stop Reel
  • Sugar Cane Dance
  • Sunrise Reel
  • Texas Reel (G Minor)
  • Wigwam Reel
  • Walk into de Parlor
  • Water Street Reel (open G Tuning)
  • Old Zip Coon (aka Turkey In The Straw)