Pitch-Key Quick Change Alternative Tuning Tool for Guitar

sku: PKEY
A "must have" tool for guitar players -- add instant Drop D tuning or other alternate tunings without altering your guitar or swapping instruments. Pitch-Key quickly and easily switches between two pre-set pitches on any string without de-tuning your bank account. It's a small device, but it is mighty powerful.   More Details...

  • Attaches directly to any string in between the nut and the tuning post of your guitar, no need to modify your instrument in any way
  • Allows you to preset two different pitches for that string and to quickly switch between those pitches by rotating the thumb-wheel
  • Can be fitted and removed in seconds -- you don't even need to remove the strings!
  • Can be used on electric and acoustic guitars of nearly any type
  • You can even change tuning within the same piece
  • No need to manually re-tune. No need to swap guitars.

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