Pisgah 11" Wonder Short Scale Openback Banjo

sku: PWON11
The Pisgah Wonder openback banjo is a tribute to a classic early 20th century instrument. It has an 11” curly maple rim with a Little Wonder tone ring and a curly maple neck. The Richlite fingerboard has an S-style frailing scoop. Other details include traditional dowel stick construction, Gotoh tuners, and aged brass hardware. The tone is warm and punchy, with good responsiveness and sustain.    More Details...

  • 11” Curly maple rim
  • Curly Maple Neck
  • 25.5" Short Scale
  • Vintage headstock
  • Vintage heel
  • Richlite fingerboard
  • S-style frailing scoop
  • Quilted star inlay
  • Traditional dowel stick construction
  • Brass side dots
  • Metallic face dots
  • Two way adjustable truss rod
  • Remo Renaissance head
  • Little Wonder tone ring
  • Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece
  • 18 notched tension hoop
  • Gotoh tuners
  • Balsam Banjoworks aged brass hardware
  • Pisgah PBCO banjo strings
  • Includes Gigbag