Personalizing Jazz Vocabulary

by Davy Mooney
sku: 02-30786M
Book with online audio. Designed to help intermediate to advanced jazz students incorporate classic jazz vocabulary into their original improvisations. Using a series of standard and modern chord progressions, Mooney provides short passages meant to be played exactly as written within an otherwise improvised solo; students then adapt this written material to their own purposes by improvising into and out of it.

In an effort to overcome the disconnect between developing a unique sound and learning the language of past jazz masters, the author analyzes phrases and chord changes and comments on various aspects of improvisation, referencing the specific recordings of many outstanding jazz artists.

Mooney delivers generously repeated guitar/bass/drums backup tracks for student use; then demonstrates the method by providing transcriptions of his own improvisations, incorporating the same phrases and chord progressions required of the student. Notation only. 68 pp.   More Details...

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Personalizing Jazz Vocabulary
  • Chapter 2 - Five and Nine Eighth-Note Resolution Cells
  • Chapter 3 - Happenstance
  • Chapter 4 - Interstellar
  • Chapter 5 - Blues
  • Chapter 6 - Henderson-Type Changes
  • Chapter 7 - Rhythm Changes
  • Chapter 8 - Coltrane-Type Changes
  • Chapter 9 - Golson-Type Changes
  • Chapter 10 - No One
  • Chapter 11 - Monk-Type Changes
  • Chapter 12 - Shorter-Type Changes
  • Chapter 13 - And Then?