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Pel-Tone Deluxe Washboard, Number WB76

Expert Setup


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An incredible sounding, fully functional work of folk-art, handcrafted in Michigan by Brian Pelton (aka Washboard Pops). Assembled from a vintage reclaimed washboard, ordinary painted cans "tuned" to different tones, a bell, a hollow woodblock and jingles. Most of the add-ons are adjustable in one or more ways. It's numbered and signed, and some decorative embellishments have been added. You provide thimbles (recommended), metal fingerpicks, or other implements like metal brushes. Each washboard is unique and very, very cool.

More Details

  • National Model 801
  • Washboard Measures ~12.5" x  23.5"
  • Bell
  • 2 Tuned Cans
  • Small Wood Block 
  • Jingles
  • Leather Neck Strap
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