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Paper Airplane

Alison Krauss & Union Station


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GRAMMY WINNER 2011! Krauss returns with her 14th album featuring 11 cuts including "Dustbowl Children," "Lay My Burden Down," "Dimming of the Day," "Opening Farewell," more. Union Station consists of Dan Tyminski on guitar, mandolin, and vocals; Barry Bales on bass and harmony vocals; Ron Block on banjo, guitar, and vocals; Jerry Douglas on Dobro and harmony vocals.

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  1. Paper Airplane
  2. Dust Bowl Children
  3. Lie Awake
  4. Lay My Burden Down
  5. My Love Follows You Where You Go
  6. Dimming of the Day
  7. On the Outside Looking In
  8. Miles to Go
  9. Sinking Stone
  10. Bonita and Bill Butler
  11. My Opening Farewell