Orpheum No. 1 / R. M. Anderson Conversion (1910's / 2019)

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A nice conversion banjo with an R.M. Anderson 2-piece maple neck with an A-scale, V-profile neck shape, and ivoroid-bound 19-fret ebony fingerboard. Other features include a raised tone ring, planetary tuners and geared 5th string peg, grooved tension hoop, and ~11/16" maple rim with maple cap. Includes original Orpheum No. 1 maple neck, and green Deering gigbag. This instrument is in very good-excellent condition.   More Details...

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  • Nice conversion with R.M. Anderson 2-piece maple neck 
  • A-scale, V-profile neck shape 
  • Ivoroid-bound 19-fret ebony fingerboard
  • Engraved star and dot inlays
  • 11-1/4 skin head
  • Raised tone ring
  • Planetary tuners and geared 5th string peg
  • Ivoroid buttons
  • 24 brackets
  • Grooved tension hoop 
  • ~11/16" maple rim with maple cap
  • Tag on rim reads "ORPHEUM / Made by / RETTBURG & LANGE / NEW YORK.” 
  • Headstock overlay features fancy inlaid and engraved Sun inlay
  • 1-7/32" nut
  • ~24-1/4" scale
  • Includes original Orpheum No. 1 maple neck
  • Green Deering gigbag
  • VG-EC