Liz Carroll

On the Offbeat

sku: LC-CD0001
2013 - The acclaimed paragon of Irish fiddle widens the genre's boundaries with this release; featuring producer Seamus Egan, guitarist Sean Og Graham, Lunasa bassist Trevor Hutchison, harper Catriona McKay, cellist Natalie Haas, Solas fiddler Winifred Horan and more in a program of all Carroll originals plus "The Yellow Tinker."   More Details...
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  1. Barbra Streisand's Trip to Saginaw / Michael Connell's
  2. The Fruit and the Snoot / On the Offbeat
  3. Tinsel
  4. Miss Cathy Chilcott / Fiddle Heaven / Fish On
  5. The Wolf / The Duck
  6. Jerome Lacey / The Rogue's Reel
  7. Never Far Away
  8. The Yellow Tinker / The Yellow Pantsuit
  9. Liam Childs / Balkin' Balkan / The E-B-E Reel
  10. The Ten Acre Waltz
  11. W.T.'s 97th / Bar Hopping / Kelly's Roadhouse
  12. The Giant's Cave / Go Ahead, Back Up