Ome Wizard (c.2016)

sku: 60U-202905
Ebony capped 12" maple rim, dark-stained finish, carved wood tone ring, rosewood armrest, ebonite capped heel, Sweetone tailpiece, 26 brackets, walnut neck, ~25.5 scale, 1-19/21" nut width, planetary pegs with amber buttons, 5-point pearl star on headstock, 4-point pearl star on neck scoop, antiqued hardware, spikes at 7th and 9th frets, made in Boulder, Colorado, Superior HSC, EC   More Details...

  • Ebony capped 12" maple rim
  • Dark-stained finish
  • Carved wooden tone ring 
  • Rosewood armrest 
  • Ebonite capped heel 
  • Sweetone tailpiece
  • 26 brackets 
  • Walnut neck 
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • ~25.5 scale 
  • 1-19/21" nut width 
  • Planetary pegs with amber buttons 
  • 5-point pearl star on headstock 
  • 4-point pearl star on neck scoop 
  • Antiqued hardware 
  • Spikes at 7th and 9th frets 
  • Made in Boulder, Colorado 
  • SN: 6566
  • EC