Old-Time Fiddle Style: A Collection of 35 Traditional Appalachian Tunes

by Ken Kolodner
sku: 02-21992M
Book/Online audio set. Presents transcriptions with detailed bowings, in tandem with three recorded versions of 35 Appalachian fiddle tunes ranging from some very common and easy tunes (for beginning players) as well as a few less typically played tunes. Transcriptions are based on the versions most commonly encountered at jams and festivals. Also includes a clearly written description of old-time style, focusing on "default" bowing systems designed to develop rhythmic bowing. Ideas presented include Nashville shuffle, 3-1 bowing, bow rocking, ghost bows, anticipations, left-hand ornamentation, drones, chording, dissonances, altered tunings, the concept of swing, tips on learning by ear and more. The tunes are played three times: very slowly and simply; modest tempo, with double-stops, drones and other ornaments, and up-to-tempo. For all levels and non-fiddlers who wish to improve their learning by ear and/or increase their repertoire. 60 pp.   More Details...
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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: about this book and companion recording
  • Issues in transcribing fiddle tunes
  • Old-time style: the importance of bowing in old-time fiddling
  • Common bowing techniques
  • Left-hand ornaments, chords, swing, vibrato, dynamics, tunings
  • Learning tunes by ear
  • Tune selection
  • For the new fiddler: difficulty of tunes quick reference
  • The tunes
  • Index of tunes
  • About the author