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Old-Time Fiddle Round Peak Style: History, Tips & Techniques

by Brad Leftwich Tommy Jarrell

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Book with online audio. Traditional Southern old-time fiddling, focusing on the style and repertoire of master fiddler Tommy Jarrell (1901 - 1985). Detailed, accurate transcriptions of 83 tunes (the bulk of Jarrell's repertoire) in standard notation and fiddle tablature, along with interesting anecdotes. The tunes are played on the audio as transcribed, at a moderate tempo. Stylistic tips, background information on the area and music, bio on Jarrell and many of the musicians from whom he learned, illustrated with old photographs. Intermediate/advanced. 128 pp.

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  • Baby-o
  • Big-Eyed Rabbit
  • The Blackest Crow (My Dearest Sweetheart)
  • Breaking up Christmas
  • Chilly Winds
  • Cluck Old Hen
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe
  • Cripple Creek
  • Darling Nellie Grey
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?
  • Greasy String
  • Groundhog
  • Ida Red
  • John Brown’s Dream
  • John Hardy
  • John Henry
  • June Apple
  • Kitty Clyde (Katy Cline)
  • Let Me Fall (Old Hard Road)
  • Little Maggie
  • Lonesome Road Blues
  • Old Bunch of Keys
  • Old Joe
  • Police
  • Poor Ellen Smith
  • Pretty Little Girl
  • Pretty Polly
  • Rainbow Sign
  • Round Town Gals (Buffalo Gals)
  • Ruben
  • Shortening Bread
  • Sourwood Mountain
  • Stay All Night
  • Sweet Sunny South
  • The Tater Patch Tune
  • Train on the Island
  • When Sorrows Encompass Me Round

AE'A'C#" tuning (key of A)

  • The Drunken Hiccups (Jack of Diamonds)

AD'A'E" tuning (key of D)

  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Backstep Cindy (Stepback Cindy)
  • “Old-Time” Backstep Cindy (Holly Ding)
  • The Bravest Cowboy
  • Cider (Stillhouse)
  • Ducks on the Mill Pond
  • Fall on My Knees
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe
  • Forky Deer
  • Fortune
  • The Joke on the Puppy (Rye Straw)
  • Mississippi Sawyer
  • New River Train
  • Old Jimmy Sutton
  • Old Molly Hare
  • Peek-a-Boo (Green Gravel)
  • Polly Put the Kettle On
  • Richmond Cotillion
  • Ricketts’ Hornpipe
  • Rochester Schottische (Walking in the Parlor)
  • Rockingham Cindy
  • Sally Ann
  • “Old-Time” Sally Ann
  • Say, Darling, Say
  • Soldier’s Joy (Love Somebody)
  • Sugar Hill
  • Susananna Gal (Western Country)
  • Tempie
  • They Say It Is Sinful to Flirt (Willie My Darling)
  • The Wreck of the Old 97
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas

DD'A'D" tuning (key of D)

  • Boll Weevil
  • Bonaparte’s Retreat
  • Ryland Spencer

AD'A'D" tuning (key of D)

  • Frankie Baker (Frankie and Albert)
  • Tumblin Gap (Cumberland Gap)

GD'A'D" tuning (key of G)

  • Flatwoods

GD'A'E" tuning (various keys)

  • Cackling Hen
  • Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand
  • Devil in the Strawstack
  • Old Buck (Paddy on the Turnpike)
  • Piney Woods Gal
  • Sail Away Ladies
  • Walking in My Sleep