The Lonesome Ace Stringband

Old Time

sku: LAS-CD001
2014 - A varied selection of Appalachian, old-time fiddle/banjo tunes and songs for all occasions, recorded live in two days without edits or overdubs. Lonesome Ace consists of past members of "Foggy Hogtown Boys": Chris Coole on banjo/vocals, Max Heineman on bass/vocals, John Showman on fiddle/vocals. 12 cuts including "Hold Your Lying Tongue," "Devil on a Stump," "Don't Get Trouble in Mind," more.   More Details...

  1. Hold Your Lying Tongue
  2. Cherry River Line / Gauley Junction
  3. Fox Hunt
  4. Devil on a Stump
  5. Don't Get Trouble in Mind
  6. Skipping in the Mississippi Dew
  7. Femme Indigene
  8. Hills of Mexico
  9. Katy Hill
  10. Green Sleeve
  11. .44 Gun
  12. Waynesboro / Wolf Creek