Oasis OH-30 HH Humidifier-Hygrometer Combo for Guitars

sku: OH30
The Oasis Oh-30 HH is a single unit humidifier and hygrometer combination that both delivers and measures humidity. Slips between the strings into the soundhole of your guitar and hangs into the soundhole. A a drip resistant polyvinyl acetate sponge keeps your guitar humidified, and the hygrometer lets you easily monitor the humidity and temperature of your instrument.   More Details...

  • Uses a drip resistant polyvinyl acetate sponge which holds 10x its weight in distilled water
  • Maintains humidity for 15 days or more before needing a recharge
  • The hygrometer, located on top of the unit, has openings on the side so a flush top case will not prevent it from taking readings
  • Accurate to +/- 3% between 40-60% RH and +/- 5% outside that range
  • Features adjustable humidification settings and can be re-calibrated by the user if necessary
  • Requires one CR2032 battery (included)

Recommended Add-Ons and Alternatives

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