Moustache Audio Chevron Overdrive

sku: MACH
The Chevron is a classic style overdrive which features easy-to-use controls.  From mid-boosted screamer-like tones, to transparent overdrives, and everything in between, the Chevron does it all. It works great with any style of amp or guitar. The tone stack on the Chevron separates it from most drive pedals. The active 3 band tone stack can be switched to before or after the drive circuit.  This allows you to drive frequencies harder in the pre mode, or shape your overdriven signal in post mode. With the Fat switch, you can change the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter in the clipping circuit, allowing you to go from tight “mid-focused” drive tones, to unbridaled fatness. The Chevron also features variable clipping options.  The 'Even' setting gives you typical symmetrical clipping options, found in many classic styled overdrives.  The 'Odd' setting gives you a more dynamic, and tube-like distortion by utilizing asymmetrical clipping. It's a versatile overdrive that lets you tailor your sound to best fit your needs.   More Details...

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Custom Control Settings:
  • Gain: From clean boost to screaming distortion.  Your move.
  • Volume: Determines how much you hate your neighbors.
  • Bass: Unleash the roar of 1000 lions, or scale it back to the meow of a single house cat.
  • Mid: Boost or cut for classic tones that bite.
  • Treble: Turn off the lights, or unleash the full radiance of the sun.
  • Pre/Post: Groom your tone with an active eq before/after the overdrive.
  • Fat/Normal: Switch between mighty lows or tight bottom end
  • Odd/Even: Changes dynamics with even symmetrical clipping or tube-like asymmetrical clipping.

Made in Michigan