The Discovery String Band

"Most Perfect Harmony" -- Lewis & Clark: A Musical Journey

sku: BC-CD6789
2003 -- A musical journey with America's great trailblazers with Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Bob Dyer, and Paul and Win Grace. Original songs plus traditional music from the day: "Bonaparte's Retreat," "La Bastringue," William Billings' hymn "Chester," "Banks of the Dee," "C'est l'Aviron," "Jefferson and Liberty," 17 in all. American Library Association "Notable Recording!"   More Details...

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  1. Bonaparte's Retreat
  2. Come Up Me
  3. La Bastringue
  4. Going Up the River
  5. Springfield Mountain
  6. Chester
  7. Rakes of Mallow
  8. Through the Garden
  9. Banks of the Dee
  10. The Extra-Ordinary Beast / Road to Boston
  11. C'est l'Aviron
  12. Black Moccasin
  13. The Journey Song for Pomp
  14. Ursus Horribilis / Jefferson and Liberty
  15. After What I have Seen
  16. Metis/French Canadian Fiddle Medley
  17. Meriwether Lewis / The Way Home