Boys of the Lough

Midwinter Night's Dream

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Reels, airs, jigs and carols from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, and Northumberland with a traditional Christmas flavor.   More Details...

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  1. Da Cold Nights O' Winter/Da Blue Yow/Da Spirit O'Whiskey
  2. That Night In Bethlehem
  3. A Midwinter Waltz
  4. The Greenland Man's Tune/Da Forfit O'Da Ship/Green Grow Da Rashes
  5. The Christ Child's Lullaby
  6. Wren Polka No 1/Wren Polka No 2/The Wren Chase/The Wren's Escape
  7. The Wexford Carol
  8. Da Field O'Foula/Garster's Dream/Da Brig
  9. Da Trowie Burn
  10. The Hare's Lament
  11. Da Day Dawn/The Papa Stour Sword Dance/The Cross Reel
  12. Sankt Staffan Han Rider/Christmas Day In The Morning/Trettondagsmarschen
  13. The Mummer's Jig/Christmas Eve
  14. The Dying Year