Mesa Boogie LoneStar 100 212

sku: 130U-205490
A powerhouse guitar amp 2X12 - 100 watt tube combo. Features include channel switching (with independent EQs for each channel), and independent controls for wattage for each channel. On board reverb and an effects loop sweeten the deal. It’s in excellent condition.   More Details...

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  • 2X12 (Celestion) - 100 watt tube combo 
  • 4 X 6L6 power section (a flick of a switch and it can be fitted with EL34s)
  • Channel switching
  • Each channel has its own EQ
  • You can choose how many watts the power amp will operate at for each channel (i.e. you could run the clean channel at 100 watts for lots of headroom and run the hot channel at 50 watts to get more grit) 
  • Reverb
  • Effects loop
  • Casters
  • EC
  • Consignment
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