Menzies Fretless Gourd Banjo #458

sku: MGB85-458
Handcarved neck of Jamaican Blue Mahoe wood has S-shaped peghead and a straight-edged fingerboard.  A dark goatskin head and exotic wood tailpiece give this banjo its distinctive look.  Handmade by Jeff Menzies.   More Details...

  • Handcarved Jamaican Blue Mahoe neck
  • Straight-edge fingerboard with sloped scoop
  • Gourd body with soundhole on side
  • Gourd measures approx 10" wide X 6.5" tall
  • Dark goatskin head (no dye) is tacked & glued in place
  • Handcarved tuning pegs & tailpiece of exotic hardwoods
  • Bone nut
  • Handmade by Jeff Menzies in Jamaica