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Menzies Fretless Coconut Banjo #459

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SKU: MGB85-459

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$995.00 USD
Jeff Menzies used a large coconut shell for the body of this banjo.  Neck is Jamaican Blue Mahoe with an S-shaped peghead and a sculpted edge to the fingerboard.  This contemporary take on an old design has handcarved tuning pegs and a spotted goatskin head for added appeal.  Handmade by Jeff Menzies.

More Details

  • Handcarved Jamaican Blue Mahoe neck
  • Fingerboard edges are sculpted
  • Carved scoop
  • Coconut shell body with soundhole on side
  • Spotted goatskin head is tacked & glued in place
  • Handcarved tuning pegs & bridge of exotic hardwoods
  • Bone tailpiece & nut
  • Full length approx. 39"
  • Scale approx. 23.5"
  • Coconut dimensions approx 9" wide X 4-7/8" deep
  • Handmade by Jeff Menzies in Jamaica