Vassar Clements

Memories of Music City USA

sku: FMR-CD005
1995 reissue - A baker's dozen songs, all from onetime Dixie Gentlemen bandmate Jake Landers, from the stratospheric Clements, with a room full of fellow hotshots including pianist Bob Hoban, Mike Cass on steel and Dobro, Joe Turley III on sax and harmonica, bassist Buzzy Meekins and more.

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  1. Music City USA
  2. I Played While You Danced
  3. Take Me Back to Dixie
  4. Lonesome
  5. Back on the Right Track
  6. She's Gone Too Far
  7. I Can't Be Bothered with the Blues
  8. I'm Losing Again
  9. Gotta Move On
  10. Burning Memories
  11. Fairweather Friends
  12. Everybody Knew the Truth But Me
  13. Fiddlin' Bill

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