Vassar Clements

Memories of Music City USA

sku: FMR-CD005
1995 reissue - A baker's dozen songs, all from onetime Dixie Gentlemen bandmate Jake Landers, from the stratospheric Clements, with a room full of fellow hotshots including pianist Bob Hoban, Mike Cass on steel and Dobro, Joe Turley III on sax and harmonica, bassist Buzzy Meekins and more.   More Details...

  1. Music City USA
  2. I Played While You Danced
  3. Take Me Back to Dixie
  4. Lonesome
  5. Back on the Right Track
  6. She's Gone Too Far
  7. I Can't Be Bothered with the Blues
  8. I'm Losing Again
  9. Gotta Move On
  10. Burning Memories
  11. Fairweather Friends
  12. Everybody Knew the Truth But Me
  13. Fiddlin' Bill