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Melodies and More for Mountain Dulcimer

by Martha Einan

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30 beautiful arrangements for mountain dulcimer, including 25 traditional tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and five original tunes by the author. All of the melody parts are suitable for solo dulcimer. Most of the tunes have multiple parts (melody, harmony, bass, fingerpicking, and/or chords) so small groups can play them together. A few have simple melody parts to make them more approachable for new players. Twenty-eight arrangements are for three-string dulcimer in DAD tuning and two arrangements are for four-equidistant-string dulcimer in DADD tuning. Intermediate/advanced. Note/tab. 100 pp.

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DAD Tuning

  • All The Way To Galway
  • Ballinderry
  • Beginnings
  • Breestheen Mira
  • Bunessan
  • Carraigdhoun
  • Carrickfergus
  • Crossing The Stream
  • Dyma Gariad Fel y Moroedd
  • Early One Morning
  • Eochaill
  • Farewell To Ballymoney
  • Fead An Iolair
  • The Foggy Dew
  • The Grenadier And The Lady
  • Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
  • Kelly The Boy From Killane
  • The Lea Rig
  • Londonderry Air
  • Nancy Wants Her Own Share
  • O'Donnell Abu
  • The Old Plaid Shawl
  • One-Lane Bridge
  • Over The Water To Charlie
  • Saddle The Pony
  • The Scottish Emigrant's Farewell
  • Seattle Center Saturday
  • 'Twas Down In The Meadows

DADD Tuning, Four-String Fingerpicked

  • Camping At The Lake
  • Dancing Leaves