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edited by Philippe Bertaud

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Book with online audio. Philippe Bertaud has meticulously edited and revamped the classic Carcassi guitar method for use by today's guitar student. The method retains its original intent, with the addition of many modern conventions of classical guitar instruction. The MP3 audio files contain recordings of all 25 studies beautifully performed by Bertaud. This combined edition is an indispensable addition to the library of any student or teacher. Notation only. 143 pp.

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  • "Classical Guitar Method, Op. 59"
  • Part 1: The Rudiments of Music
  • "Part 2: Scales, Cadences, Exercises and Preludes"
  • Key of C Major
  • Key of G Major
  • Key of D Major
  • Key of A Major
  • Key of E Major
  • Key of F Major
  • Key of A Minor
  • Key of E Minor
  • Key of D Minor
  • The Slur
  • The Slide
  • Small Notes or Appoggiatura
  • The Turn (or Gruppetto)
  • The Trill
  • The Mordent
  • Muffled Tones
  • Scale in the Fourth Position
  • Scale in the Fifth Position
  • Scale in the Seventh Position
  • Scale in the Ninth Position
  • Double Notes
  • Scale in Thirds
  • Scale in Sixths
  • Scale in Octaves
  • Scale in Tenths
  • Scale of B Minor
  • Scale of F# Minor
  • Scale of C# Minor
  • Scale of B Major
  • Scale of G# Minor
  • Scale of F# Major
  • Scale of D# Minor
  • Scale of Bb Major
  • Scale of G Minor
  • Scale of Eb Major
  • Scale of C Minor
  • Scale of Ab Major
  • Scale of F Minor
  • Scale of Db Major
  • Scale of Bb Minor
  • Harmonics
  • Part 3: Fifty Exercises Progressing in Difficulty
  • "Twenty-five Melodious and Progressive Studies for Guitar, Op. 60"
  • Study 1 through 25