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Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Vol. 1

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Book/Online audio set. A generous collection of challenging pieces by talented artists like: Muriel Anderson, Seth Austen, Steve Baughman, Pat Kirtley, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Harvey Reid, John Renbourn, Laurence Juber, Buster B. Jones, Tim Sparks, Paul Yandell, dozens more. Note/tab for most pieces. 3 CDs worth of audio included. 408 pp.

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  • A Waltz For Rebecca (Al Petteway)
  • Aurora Borealis (Tommy Flint)
  • Badlands (John Standefer)
  • Beyond The Known (Jack Jezzro)
  • Blues For The Mann (Stefan Grossman)
  • Blues From Jekyll (Roger Hudson)
  • Bourree (David Surette)
  • Breath Of Spring (AJ Weidt, Arr: Douglas Back)
  • Bright Morning Stars (Arr: Martin Simpson)
  • Brisas Nordestinas (John Zaradin)
  • Brusseler Spitzer (Albert Vossen, Arr: Ole Halen)
  • Buster B Boogie (Buster B. Jones)
  • Chapel Road (Rolly Brown)
  • Cindy And Norm (Arr: Guy Van Duser)
  • Clair De Lune (Arr: Jonathan Burchfield)
  • Con Spirito (Al Viola)
  • Cowboy Waltz (Michael Chapdelaine)
  • Crazy Basses (Franco Morone)
  • Dove Song (Steven Zdenek Eckels)
  • Fay's Hornpipe (Bill Brennan)
  • Fiddle Melody (Tim Sparks)
  • Gee (Fred Sokolow)
  • Getaway (Peter Finger)
  • Gitana (Stevan Pasero)
  • Gitarre 2000 (Doyle Dykes)
  • Glass Of Beer (Arr: Dylan Schorer)
  • Global Village (Seth Austen)
  • Hangin With The Girls I Know (Thom Bresh)
  • Hickory Jack (Arr: Steve Baughman)
  • High Society (Pat Donohue)
  • If I Only Had Wings (D.R. Auten)
  • Jacobs Ladder (El Mcmeen)
  • Jesus Loves Me (Arr: Bill Piburn)
  • Joyride To Tranquility (Tim Farrell)
  • Keep It Under You Heart (Duck Baker)
  • Klimbim (Don Ross)
  • Laguna Girls (Jean-Felix Lalanne)
  • Lazy Tuesday (William Bay)
  • Leola Kay (Todd Hallawell)
  • Londonderry Air (Arr: Rick Foster)
  • Lord Inchquin (Arr: Jonathan Adams)
  • Lost Hollow Lament (Robin Bullock)
  • Love Lifted Me (Howard E Smith, Arr: Craig B Dobbins)
  • Marleys Ghost (Andrew York)
  • Meadowlands (Arr: Paul Lolax)
  • Misty Night William Bay)
  • Mo Ghille (Mear Macdhomnaill)
  • Of Eagles Wings (Jay Leach, Transcribed: Lenny Carlson)
  • Palermo Show (John Renbourn)
  • Prelude And Allegro (Larry Bolles)
  • Prelude To Minstrel's Dream (Harvey Reid)
  • Relaxin (Paul Yandell)
  • Remembering Linda (Michael Christiansen)
  • Rosalee (Muriel Anderson)
  • Runoff (Chris Proctor)
  • Rural Life (Pat Kirtley)
  • Scarborough Fair (Arr: Ben Bolt)
  • Seguel/The Vision (Phil Keaggy)
  • Shadow Dancing (Vincent Sadovsky)
  • Song For Chet (Transcribed: Lenny Carlson)
  • Sonny's Mazurka (Ken Perlman)
  • The Dancer (Peppino D'agostino)
  • The Green Valleys (Dennis Mccorkle)
  • The Jig Is Up (Laurence Juber)
  • The Rascally Rabbit (John Sherman)
  • Top Hat (Woody Mann, Transcribed: Lenny Carlson)
  • Waltz (Johnny Smith, Edited: Charles Postlewate)
  • Watch The Stars (Arr: Martin Simpson)
  • Whispering (Adapted And Arr: Dale Miller)
  • Wu Wei (Pierre Bensusan)