Joe Hall and friends

Masse' Family Two Step

sku: FRUGE-CD20173
After a lifetime of learning -- from his grandfather, Clement "King" Ned, to Cajun and Creole aces Nolton Semien, Marc Savoy, Bois Sec Ardoin, and Canray Fontenot -- Hall shares his love and mastery of both musical traditions. With guests Forest Huval on fiddle/vocals, Mark Palms on guitar/fiddle, Carol Palms on bass, Paul Lavan on drums. Also featuring fiddler Al Berard and guitarist Christine Balfa. 11 cuts, including originals: "Grand Prairie Blues," "Nu Nu's Breakdown," and the title track.   More Details...

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  1. Masse' Family Two Step
  2. Alons Dancer
  3. Valse de Bayou Teche
  4. Grand Prairie Blues
  5. Reel de Joie
  6. Bon Soir Moreau
  7. Jongle a Moi
  8. Depuis l'Age de Quinze Ans
  9. Fais Do Do Bebe
  10. Nu Nu's Breakdown
  11. Le Valse de Samedi (bonus track)