Mastro TV Pal Soprano Ukulele (1950's)

$50 $125
sku: 180U-2398
This Mastro TV Pal Soprano Ukulele is an entry level all-plastic uke with a white top and reddish-brown swirl back and sides. The cream color fretboard has 12 integral frets. The action is a little funky — as they all are — but this is better than most. Sold AS-IS.   More Details...

  • Entry level all plastic uke made by Mario Maccaferri
  • White top
  • Reddish-brown ("rosewood" in their ads) swirl body and neck
  • Cream color fretboard with 12 integral frets
  • Plastic friction tuners
  • 1-5/16" nut
  • 13-3/4" scale
  • Sold AS-IS