Martin D-28 SL Lefthanded (1941)

sku: 11U-198000
A unique Martin guitar, this D-28SL is the only pre-war left-handed Martin D-28 known to exist. It was special ordered by singer and guitarist “Lefty” Buchar, who played with the regional group Happy Johnny and His Gang in the mid-Atlantic region. This instrument was Lefty's pride and joy and has remained all this time in his family. The unusually shaped large headstock is factory original and was ordered to accommodate a set of specially built fine tuners since replaced. The guitar features an Adirondack spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, and a 14-fret mahogany neck. It has been refretted, had a neck reset, and some other repair work was done in our shop (see Details section), but overall it is in very good+ condition. This is a stupendous sounding guitar. See the Video section for a demo and discussions of the guitar’s history. An amazing catch for the right lefty!   More Details...

  • Dreadnought body
  • Adirondack spruce top
  • Scalloped braces
  • Bound Brazilian rosewood back and sides
  • Herringbone top trim
  • Zigzag back strip
  • 14-fret mahogany neck
  • 20-fret ebony fingerboard
  • Pearl diamonds & squares inlays
  • Headstock wasbroken in shipping at the end of World War II and repaired at that time
  • Metal headstock badge (a remnant of the fine-tuning system) reads "Lefty - W.B.A.L. - Aug. 1941" WBAL was a Baltimore radio station that Lefty worked on with the band.
  • Older, replacement Grover open gear tuners
  • Tortoise plastic pickguard
  • Original bridgeplate (3 extra screw holes through plate, with bridge saver patches added)
  • Newer reproduction ebony bridge, recent refret and neck reset (all by our shop)
  • 1-11/16" nut
  • 25.4" scale
  • '60's Gretsch HSC
  • Consignment
  • VGC+ (2 repaired top cracks, 1 repaired back crack, 3 repaired side cracks, repaired soundhole area at base of fingerboard, open 1/4" jack hole from removed output jack near endpin, plus aforementioned headstock repair)
  • SN: 78068