Maria Linnemann Collection for Guitar

sku: 49-600328
22 popular classical guitar pieces, suitable for beginning/intermediate guitarists. Maria Linnemann lives and works in Germany as a musician, composer and pedagogue, and has travelled through many countries as well. Many of her compositions were written on these journeys. "Chanson du Montmartre," "Hat in the Wind," "Tango en las Sombras," "Rain over Dublin," "Motorway fever," more. Notation only. 39 pp.   More Details...
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  1. Chanson du Montmartre
  2. Desiree
  3. Hat in the Wind
  4. Melancholy
  5. Feierabend Blues
  6. Tango en las Sombras
  7. Little Clown's Ragtime
  8. Chant du matin
  9. Lullaby for a Violin
  10. Canzone D'Amore
  11. Ballad of Donegal
  12. Rain over Dublin
  13. Motorway fever
  14. The Mermaid and the Fisher
  15. The Sheep on the Mountain
  16. Jasmine
  17. Satie's Umbrellas
  18. Tango Solo
  19. Un soupire
  20. Thoor Ballylee
  21. Antonio
  22. Murmures (Whisperings)