Mandolin for Dummies

by Don Julin
sku: 542-349
Book - plus free online downloads! Buy the best mandolin in your price range and know how to tune and care for your new best friend. Nail down your mandolin ABCs: mandolin basics, including counting, tablature, chord diagrams, more. Right from the start, you'll be playing basic chord patterns, backup rhythms, and simple melodies. Quickly master right- and left-hand essentials - picking and strumming, and playing open and closed fingering and articulations like a pro. Learn a multitude of styles - Celtic and old-time music, bluegrass and jazz; get to grips with the defining techniques of the most popular styles of playing. 378 pp.   More Details...


  • Introduction
  • Part I: Being Bitten By the Mandolin Bug
  • Chapter 1: Becoming Acquainted with Your Mandolin
  • Chapter 2: Getting to Grips with Tuning and Terminology
  • Chapter 3: Getting a Handle on Your Mandolin
  • Part II: Starting to Play the Mandolin
  • Chapter 4: Making Music on the Mandolin
  • Chapter 5: Picking with the Right Hand
  • Chapter 6: Fretting Notes and Chords with the Left Hand
  • Chapter 7: Playing ‘Jethro’-Style Three-String Chords
  • Chapter 8: Playing Mandolin Music: Scales and Melody
  • Part III: Putting Playing Styles into Practice
  • Chapter 9: Playing Music from Yesteryear: Old Time, Rags and Blues
  • Chapter 10: Giving your Mandolin a Speedy Workout: Bluegrass
  • Chapter 11: Travelling to the Emerald Isle: Irish Mandolin
  • Chapter 12: Taking a Quick World Tour
  • Chapter 13: Swinging to Those Jazzy Rhythms
  • Chapter 14: Blending Styles: Dawg Music
  • Part IV: Purchasing and Caring For Your Mandolin
  • Chapter 15: Selecting and Buying a Mandolin
  • Chapter 16: Building Your Accessories Kit
  • Chapter 17: All Change: Replacing Your Mandolin’s Strings
  • Chapter 18: Caring For and Repairing Your Mandolin
  • Part V: The Part of Tens
  • Chapter 19: Ten (or so) Tips on Becoming a Good Mandolin Player
  • Chapter 20: Ten Mandolin Players You Need To Know
  • Chapter 21: Ten Ways of Tapping Into the Mandolin Subculture
  • Part VI: Appendixes
  • Appendix A: Chord Charts
  • Appendix B: Reading Standard Musical Notation
  • Appendix C: Audio Tracks
  • Index