Mandolin Chord Encyclopedia

by Nathaniel Gunod; L. C. Harnsberger; and Ron Manus
sku: 20-45724
Over 2,660 chords, 37 chord types in each key, six variations for each chord. Chords are listed alphabetically and chromatically for quick reference. Each diagram includes fingerings and note names. Chord variations (different fingerings and positions) are arranged in a logical order, beginning at the nut and progressing up the neck. Also includes a Chord Theory chapter, a complete fingerboard chart and a listing of major and minor scales in every key. 136 pp.   More Details...
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  • Intervals
  • Basic Triads
  • Building Chords
  • Incomplete Voicings
  • A Note About Keys


  • Chord Symbol Variations
  • Chord Frames
  • Choosing Chord Positions


  • Major
  • Minor
  • Diminished
  • Augmented
  • Fifth
  • Suspended Fourth
  • Suspended Second
  • Major Sixth
  • Minor Sixth
  • Major Seventh
  • Seventh
  • Minor Seventh
  • Minor Seventh Flat Fifth
  • Diminished Seventh
  • Seventh Suspended Fourth
  • Major Add Ninth
  • Major Ninth
  • Ninth
  • Minor Ninth
  • Sixth Add Ninth
  • Minor Sixth Add Ninth
  • Minor Major Seventh
  • Minor Ninth Major Seventh
  • Eleventh
  • Minor Eleventh
  • Thirteenth
  • Flat Fifth
  • Seventh Flat Fifth
  • Seventh Augmented Fifth
  • Major Seventh Sharp Eleventh
  • Seventh Flat Ninth
  • Seventh Sharp Ninth
  • Seventh Flat Ninth Augmented Fifth
  • Ninth Augmented Fifth
  • Ninth Flat Fifth
  • Thirteenth Flat Ninth
  • Thirteenth Flat Ninth Flat Fifth


  • Major
  • Natural Minor
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor