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Learning Music by Ear-For All Stringed Instruments

by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller Dan Miller

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You can do it too! "Training your ear takes less time than you might imagine if you have a good method, some basic guidelines, and a consistent practice routine. This book presents a simple step-by-step method and many helpful guidelines. You will learn how to find the song's key, learn how to find the song's chord progression, and then learn how to find the song's melody - all by ear." Spiral-bound; 66 pp.

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Learning By Ear - The Method

Step 1 - Select a Song

Step 2 - Familiarize Yourself With the Song

Step 3 - Identify the Key of the Song

Step 4 - Learn the Chord Progression

Step 5 - Learn the Melody

Step 6 - Simplify the Melody

Step 7 - Embellish the Melody

Step 8 - Improvise Around the Melody

Step One - Select a Song

Song List

Step Two - Familiarize

Song Structure and Phrasing

Melodic Motion

Rhythmic Content

Step Three - Find the Key

Pitch Matching

A Word About Electronic Devices

Learning Songs from Recordings

Step Four - Find the Chords

Whole Step and Half Step Intervals

Major Scales

-The Major Scale Formula

Chord Tones for Major and Minor Chords

Diatonic Chords

Finding the Chords by Ear

-Joe's General Chord Progression Rules

-The Chord Ladder

Finding the Chords to "When The Saints Go Marching In"

Melody and Harmony

Step Five