Learn to Play 5-String Bass

by Mike Hiland
sku: 02-94721M
Book/Online audio set. Building on the player's knowledge of four-string bass, this easy-to-understand, nuts-and-bolts method in note/tab lets you tackle the extra low end (low B string). Includes finger exercises, scales, arpeggios, slapping, and tricks to help you around the 5-string! The audio demonstrates each of the scales and exercises at full tempo with a drum machine. Beginners. 63 pp.   More Details...
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  • 1) Reading
  • 2) Exercises
  • 3) Musical Examples
  • 4) Scales
  • 5) Chord Tones
  • 6) Tricks
  • 7) Slap Stuff
  • 8) Bass Lines
  • 9) Last Word