Latch Lake Acousta-Glide with Dynamic Diffusion Technology Slide, Small

sku: LLADD-S
The world renowned AcoustaGlide, in steel, pumped up a notch with patented Dynamic Diffusion Technology. The special finish creates a range of dynamics and tone vastly superior to any other slide material on the market. You will notice more sustain mixed with the tonal qualities of both glass and brass slides. Inner diameter ~ 17mm, 63mm long, weighs ~3.4 ounces. The patented flared shape is ideal for all guitar necks; wide, narrow, flat curved, 6 and 12-string. The flare also helps eliminate buzzing and angles nicely for non-open tunings (thirds and even fifths).   More Details...

  • Case hardened steel bottleneck slide
  • Patented flared shape
  • Inner diameter ~17 mm
  • Length 63 mm
  • Weight ~ 3.4 ounces